Class Topics (Tentative Schedule)

Class discussions, assigned readings, seminar presentations and field experiences will be organized into modules as follows (readings in bold, dates tba):

module 1: starters

                  Cherry ch.1 (pp3-18)                                                                                                                                                                

  • course intro
  • “how firm a foundation”: worship theology
  • the multi-verse: multi-generations and multi-styles (part 1)

module 2: cultures

text: chs 1-8, Grenz, Dawn (ch.5), Black

  • the multi-verse: multi-generations and multi-styles (part 2)
  • pomo culture and inculturation
  • more multi-verse: multi-faith spirituality and multi-cultures

module 3: arts / interaction

text: chs.12-15, Dyrness, Sweet, Schroeder, Witvliet

  • experiential worship
  • even more multi-verse: the arts, the visual, worship space, musical style
  • dance

module 4: ethos / style

Webber, text: chs.9-11, 18, Morgenthaler, Dawn (chs.9, 29), White, Baker (tba)

  • liturgy and convergence
  • worship and/as evangelism
  • technology      

module 5: leadership

Kimball, Pierson, Baker, Sweet

  • leadership
  • design / curation