Met Opera viewing/paper

Opera Broadcast and Research Paper: 25%

This research paper involves attendance at the live broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera production of Giuseppe Verdi’s Otello , Sat. Oct. 17, 9:55am at the Colossus Cinema, Langley.

  • Prepare in advance by becoming familiar with the plot of the opera, as well as some of the history of the opera and the play on which it is based.
  • After viewing the production, develop an interdisciplinary topic on some aspects of this opera, for example its history and reception, or opera as a multi-arts medium, or the production as we viewed it, or the relationship of the opera to Shakespeare etc
  • Proposals are due by Wed. Oct. 28 – worth 5% of the total 20%
    • This is a summary of your intentions for your paper, including an overview and your specific argument and area of exploration. It should be 1–2 pages long and should include at least a 6 source bibliography, including some primary sources.
    • If you are unsure about your topic, speak to one of the instructors early, before the proposal is due.
  • Minimum 1500-word paper with bibliography and citations.
  • Paper is due the final day of classes (Dec. 8). No late papers accepted.
  • In the event a student has an unavoidable conflict with Oct.17, one of the other Met Opera broadcasts will be substituted (Oct.31: Tannhauser), and due dates will be adjusted.


Tickets and information can be found here!

Get your tickets now, as they won’t last forever (it’s a popular opera).

Most of the class will probably attend at the Colossus in Langley, but there are other locations the same day and time (it’s a live broadcast), so check out the one which is most convenient for you.

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