course outline

(subject to change as necessary)

Introduction to a History of the Arts

Reading: Preface + Introduction

Sept 9: Introductions / Conceptions of history (DS)

Sept 14: Evaluating the arts through contextual and formal criticism (LA + LG)

Sept 14 Dgroup: introductions and opening discussion


Ancient Greece and Rome

Reading: Chapters 2, 3 + 4

Sept 16: Ideas of Tragedy (LA)

Sept 21: Greek and Roman Sculpture and Architecture (LG)


The Arts in Biblical Times (incl Early Church)

Reading: Chapters 5 + 6

Sept 23: Music from the Old Testament to Gregorian Chant (DS)

Sept 28: Early Christian Art (LG)


Middle Ages

Reading: Chapters 7 + 8

Sept 30: Byzantine Art and Iconoclasm (LG) / Medieval Music (DS)

Oct 5: Medieval Theatre (LA)


[ Special Event: Oct 1-2 Verge conference: Arts + Environment ]


Renaissance + Baroque

Reading: Chapters 9, 10, 11 + 12

Oct 7: Art and Architecture of the Renaissance (LG)

Oct 12: Thanksgiving (no class or Dgroup: eat turkey)

Oct 14: Theatre of the Renaissance (LA)

Oct 19: Renaissance to Baroque music (DS)

Oct 21: Baroque Visual Art (LG)

Opera Broadcast: Oct 17 Metropolitan Opera broadcast (Colossus Theatre)



Reading: Chapter 13

Oct 26: Concepts of Enlightenment / Music of Enlightenment (DS)

Oct 28: Theatre of Enlightenment (LA) / Neo-Classicism in Art (LG)

Oct 28: paper proposal due


Midterm Exam: Nov 2 (no Dgroups)



Reading: Chapter 14

Nov 4: Romanticism as Idea and in the Arts (LA, LG)

Nov 9: Romantic Music (DS)

Nov 10: Reading Break (no class)

Nov 16: Wagnerian Opera (LA)


The Last 130 years

Reading: Chapters 15, 16 + 17

Nov 18: Beyond Realism (LG)

Nov 23: Beyond Tonality (DS)

Nov 25: From the Theatre to the Screen (LA)

Nov 30: Postmodernism in Art (LG)

Dec 2: Theatre Today (LA)

Dec 7: The Rise of Popular Music (DS)

Dec 7 Dgroup: exam review

Dec 8 is the last day to submit research paper and performance reviews. Nothing

accepted after this date.


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