this week

misc items for the current week in class and discussion groups (Dgrps)

reading for d-group discussion Mon Apr 4

Kevin Haas: Authentic Experience: Multiplicity and Dislocation in Printmaking and Contemporary Culture

download it here

as usual, come with some good questions for classmates to engage in discussion!

from Edith’s lecture Mar 23 on Art, Craft + Kitsch


  • the imitation of the appearance of art
  • uses cultural icons
  • sentimental, exaggerated, melodramatic
  • conventional and formulaic
  • cheap, mass-produced
  • purely commercial intent

Susan Sontag – comments on camp

  • failed attempts at seriousness
  • aesthetics of artifice
  • ironic appreciation of the corny
  • ironic use of the culturally dated
  • mocking the inappropriately serious
  • ironically quoting mass culture
  • blurring high and low art

Monday Jan 18 Dgrp:

read Annie Dillard: ‘Seeing’ from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek   (course pack)

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